Monday, May 18, 2009

Tiahrt confuses "Muslims found by the Bush administration to be not-guilty" with "Evil terrorists in our backyard"

I know I don't pay much attention to the news. Too much stuff to pay attention to. However, it has entered my eyeline that Todd Tiahrt (KS-04, R/DB) is making up wild acts with scary-sounding names in order to continue the lies started by the Bush administration concerning "detainees". His No Welfare for Terrorists Act sounds perfectly logical by the name. Of course we don't want terrorists running around the streets of small-town America (big-city America is full of liberals and, therefore, terrorists).

What Tiahrt and Newt Gingrich are concerned over is a group of Chinese Muslims called Uighurs. In spite of what Tiahrt and Gingrich believe, it had long ago been determined by the military tribunals at Gitmo that the Uighurs are completely innocent and unaffiliated with al-Qaeda. But Communist China doesn't like them. So Gitmo kept these people because no one in the world wanted them. Albania finally agreed to take five (but not all seventeen), but because no one in the world wants them, they can't leave, can't communicate with their families, and spent a year and a half under lock and key in Albania.

Twelve innocent people remain detained. Because they were found Driving While Muslim. Five more are stuck in Albania. And, for some reason, we're more afraid of Chinese Muslims than being angry at Communist China. We side with China -- of course -- in their human rights abuses. Of course we do when we have our own human rights abuses.

So Tiahrt and Gingrich and their cronnies think Muslims found in Afghanistan, turned in by residents, are terrorirsts, even if they have otherwise been found not-guilty. Let's ship American democracy to the world, buffet-style. Hey, that's what we do with everything, after all!

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