Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wow. Just ... wow. For a blog that claims to be issue instead of candidate-oriented, those two certainly don't do it. However, it is refreshing to see the right-wing nutjobs appreciate the genitalia humor. Usually, their inane drivel is completely bonkers in other ways. Sure, I'm new to reading blogs regularly, but I certainly am glad to see the teabaggers believe the Supreme Court of the United States are the balls they suck on. The right is really obsessed with sex, aren't they?

And as much as I could try to go onto something serious about the importance of diversity and seeking out women and minorities, I don't think starting the post with fuzzy balls is quite the way to get into a serious discussion on how there are qualified people who aren't white, straight, married, male, and likely with money falling out of their pockets and into their mistress's hands.


I feel dirty. Any women out there wanting to make me feel less dirty?

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